New Wagoneer 2021 Grand Wagoneer Review – San Antonio TX for Sale in San Antonio, TX

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2021 Grand Wagoneer Review – San Antonio TX

2021 Grand Wagoneer Review - San Antonio TX
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2021 Grand Wagoneer Overview

It’s been awhile since the name “Wagoneer” has been in the American conversation. In fact, we haven’t heard a peep out of this iconic brand since 1991. It first rolled through the Jeep lexicon in 1984 and made a powerful impression during its short run. And now, the 2021 Grand Wagoneer is a concept vehicle ready to re-introduce itself to all Americans everywhere. Those of us at our dealership serving San Antonio Boerne Castroville Texas are excited to welcome the Grand Wagoneer back to classic Jeep Americana. It’s a wagon for demanding San Antonio Texas families that are ready for something different. Our 2021 Grand Wagoneer review reintroduces you to the goodness that was and is the Grand Wagoneer.

San Antonio TX - 2021 Grand Wagoneer's Overview

Exterior – Jeep Dealer serving San Antonio TX

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the wagon look, the Grand Wagoneer does a fabulous job of tastefully re-opening the conversation. The oldest Wagoneer hails from 1963 and has actually been reincarnated on more than one occasion. You might not even realize you’ve seen a Wagoneer before. You have! They were so popular that they made frequent appearances in movies from its early decades. That wood-panel look is as timeless today as it was back then, but the new more futuristic Wagoneer will have a more contemporary look. Its gorgeous thin LED lighting strip in the back is divided into two sections but still very much keeps the “strip” look alive. It has a delicately angled back rear window and three gorgeous areas of window views. The LED headlamps are automatically responsive and give you a crisp, clear view of your adventures at night.

San Antonio TX - 2021 Grand Wagoneer's Exterior

Interior – 2021 Grand Wagoneer in San Antonio TX

Ancira Jeep knows how important a posh interior is to even adventurous families. Old-fashioned touches from former luxuries are present throughout the cabin, but Jeep is serving San Antonio Boerne Castroville Texas customers with a Grand Wagoneer that’s ritzy, fun, and spontaneous. From the first photos, you’ll see that the Grand Wagoneer is taking a page or two from the Cherokee’s playbook in picking precise aluminum and wood accents. By far the biggest news on both the interior and exterior is the full-length single-pane glass roof. Your view of the sun and stars has never been captured in any vehicle quite like this. Consider nature your favorite “tv program” from now on. Dual-texture metal framing is all throughout the cabin as well. And those wood accents are blackened lace wood that is simply breathtaking to visualize. Your tunes are brought to you by McIntosh in what Jeep describes as “paradigm-shifting sound system.” A “pixel-perfect” 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster and 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment system join together in a beautiful combination of technology and knowledge. The driver is always in ultimate command, especially if they’re commanding off-road prowess. A physical dial opens up your Selec-Terrain traction management system. Its five drive modes let you command at will.

San Antonio TX - 2021 Grand Wagoneer's Interior

Grand Wagoneer Mechanical specs

An electric motor will be part of the Wagoneer’s future. Jeep’s decision to go with a plug-in hybrid powertrain is an exciting twist to the 2021 Grand Wagoneer story. Selec-Trac and other off-road features promise a breathtaking drive that will make it an instant hit with Jeep-loving families.

San Antonio TX - 2021 Grand Wagoneer's Mechanical

Powertrain – Jeep Dealership in San Antonio TX

While the exact horsepower of the Wagoneer hasn’t been announced, we know that the powertrain is going to be plug-in hybrid. This reverence for new powertrains shows the commitment that Jeep has in developing this as a truly long-lasting entry into the SUV wagon style. It’s possible that the Grand Wagoneer will also come with a gas powertrain or even diesel configuration at some point (as Jeep has done with some of their other SUVs in the past). Jeep has always been a leader in prolific powertrain offerings, and the Grand Wagoneer will likely get more than one type of powertrain to choose from.

Safety – 2021 Grand Wagoneer dealer

Safety features are yet to be announced for the Grand Wagoneer, but we know what Jeep has been up to on other models and will very likely install on this caring family wagon SUV. Automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection has been upgraded in the last year to include recognition of cyclists and other types of pedestrians. You can expect that the Grand Wagoneer will have the most advanced of Jeep’s safety platforms. Lane keeping systems guard the Grand Wagoneer on all sides to make sure that you’re safely centered in your lane at all times. Active mitigation in the form of braking and steering will likely be incorporated into both lane keeping systems and advanced parking systems. When it comes to safety, Jeep has never taken a shortcut, and they’re certainly not going to bring the Grand Wagoneer back from its restful slumber unless they also incorporate today’s life-saving driver-assist features.

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Ancira Jeep thanks you for your interest in our 2021 Grand Wagoneer review and hopes you’ll take the time to contact us about the model. We’ll be here ready for it the moment it rolls out.

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