2021 Ram 3500 vs 2020 Ram 3500 | San Antonio TX

2021 Ram 3500 Overview

The Ram 3500 is the beast among all beasts in the Ram truck lineup. It has more horsepower, more torque, more gearbox control, and more equipment than any other truck in the class. If you want to own the heavy duty truck to end all other heavy duty trucks, the 2021 3500 is your ticket to greatness. It follows the also excellent 2020 3500. We all know that pickup trucks evolve quickly in today’s auto industry, though, and it’s incredible how much difference a year makes to a truck’s legacy. The biggest difference in the two models is that towing power. They really ramped up their design and equipment to bring forth an incredible, one of a kind gooseneck towing maximum that far outdoes the 2020 model. That’s not the only thing the 3500 improves on this year, though.

Exterior – Ram Dealer serving San Antonio TX
The gorgeous silhouette of both the 2021 3500 and 2020 3500 will catch the eye of any truck lover, but it’s the more streamlined appearance of the 2021 model that really lets you know it’s more built for business. As a heavy duty pickup truck, this is the ideal industry leader. It improves on the high-intensity automatic LED headlamps and taillamps of its predecessor and smooths out some of the bulk that was on the outgoing 2020 3500. The new Rambox Cargo Management system is back one again but with remote access by key fob. Control everything from a distance. Bed LED lighting is even crisper in 2021 than it was in 2020. A new kick-out bed step also gives you premier and exciting entry into the truck bed of the new 3500. Sharper wheel choices include the painted 20-inch cast aluminum wheels on the Big Horn/Lone Star and Laramie (with Night Edition Package). Speaking of the Night Edition package, don’t forget to ask how to dress your 2021 3500 is this legendary appearance.

Interior – 2021 Ram 3500 in San Antonio TX
How do you make the world’s most luxurious pickup truck interior even more luxurious? Well, you take the stellar color choices and in-dash 12-inch touchscreen infotainment system and deck it out in a more streamlined interior design. The fluidity of the new 2021 3500 is second to none in the industry, with colors that remind one of the great outdoors or perhaps a night in a ballroom. It’s luxury in person. New tech features like the digital rearview mirror let you instantly grab views of your exterior rear area. And of course, you’ll want to check out new perforated leather seating for your reclining rear seats, too. The cab of the 3500 remains the most luxurious in the industry with no competitors but its 2020 counterpart.

Ram 3500 Mechanical specs
The new 2020 3500 features 370 horsepower to 410 horsepower, with many choices in-between. What you’re going to find is that the new goosenecking features on the 2021 model allow you to kick things up to 37,100 pounds of maximum towing capacity and an incredible amount of control over your trailering experience. Thanks to new interior technology features on your 12-inch UConnect screen, you have a birds-eye view of every function on your truck. That means a lot during a long work day. The biggest star in the powertrain lineup is the 6.7L High-Output Cummins Turbo Disease I6 erngine that’s rated at 1,075 lb-ft of torque and 430 horsepower (a vast improvement over the maxed out specs of the 2020). And with a max payload of 6,570 pounds, there’s nothing you can’t haul in your brand new 2021 3500.

Safety – 2021 Ram 3500 dealer
Ram’s commitment to safety remains steadfast. When you’ve got tough, sometimes dangerous jobs to do, you need a truck that is as aware of its surroundings as you are. While you have only two eyes, your Ram 3500 safety system gives you parking assists, blind spot monitoring, and lane keeping systems that are beyond anything you’ve ever seen on a heavy duty pickup truck. The class-exclusive adaptive forward lighting system is even more improved this year, and it’s still the only system of its kind in its class. Why worry with having to adjust your lighting on nights with low visibility? Your 3500 is more than capable of doing that for you automatically. When your truck senses danger, it has the power to stop before a collision occurs. There’s a lot of brawn and muscle to the 3500, but it has never gone light on safety either. You won’t find another truck safer in all the world. Add its brute strength and rigid drive style, and you’ve got a winner that always keeps you safe.

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The 2021 3500 takes its rightful place at the top of the pickup truck mountain this year. Don’t forget to call us today to ask additional questions about the model or to schedule a test drive of your favorite trim. Ancira Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram - San Antonio has all your favorites on sale today.