Dodge dealership serving Castroville TX for Sale in San Antonio, TX

Dodge dealership serving Castroville TX

Dodge dealership serving Castroville TX
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Dodge dealership serving Castroville TX

Ancira Dodge is your local Dodge dealership serving Castroville Texas and the surrounding areas. We have the latest models from your favorite brand. If you want classic American muscle, then you have come to the right place and have your choice of either the Charger or Challenger. They both dole out plenty of performance with the main difference being that the Challenger is a two-door coupe whereas the Charger has four doors and provides more space for its five passengers. Family-oriented drivers will want to consider the Grand Caravan, which sets the standard for the modern minivan, and SUV fans will want to look at the Journey and its bigger brother the Durango—both of which have three rows.

Dodge dealership serving Castroville TX - 2020 Dodge Charger

Dodge Specials & Quotes

Your Dodge dealership near Castroville is thrilled to offer our clients low sticker prices and a wide range of exciting specials. New specials are becoming available practically every day, and we’d love to keep you current by text or whichever way is convenient to you. Some of these specials are brand incentives. There are rebates and other opportunities to get cash back, and there are also financing opportunities that can make financing your new vehicle much easier than most people expect it to be. Our team can provide you quotes that are not just generic numbers but calculated based on your vehicle preferences, your budget, the specials you like and other factors. We can provide these custom quotes to you in person or via phone, live chat, email, text and so forth. Better yet, if we’re keeping you current about the latest specials, we can actually update those quotes and send them to you for consideration.

Dodge dealership serving Castroville TX - 2020 Dodge Journey

Finance and Auto Loans

Most customers who purchase new vehicles at our Dodge dealership serving Castroville Texas do so through an auto loan. As mentioned in the previous section, we actually have a wide range of finance-oriented specials available the lessen or even eliminate money down, lower your rate, reduce your monthly payment and so on. Our experts will work with you to find the perfect loan for you. This is all made possible because we have our own dedicated finance department. You can visit it in person or access all of its resources from the comfort of your home or office through our website. We have a payment calculator online so that you can see what is possible with your budget. We even have a financing preapproval tool that takes just minutes, and if you need assistance, we have finance specialists standing by to guide you, answer questions and provide whatever other help you require.

Dodge dealership serving Castroville TX - 2020 Dodge Challenger

Dodge Auto Repair & Service

Your local Dodge dealership near Castroville is also a full-service automotive service center and parts department. Our automotive technicians are highly trained and experienced and also honest and customer-oriented. Our parts experts are highly knowledgeable and also customer-oriented. They can answer questions, find the part you need fast and ensured ordered parts arrive quickly. We value integrity. When we give you automotive advice, you can trust that information and base your decisions on it. You can also have confidence in our workmanship. Even if we’re doing something minor like an oil change or windshield wiper replacement, you can expect attention to detail. In addition to oil changes, we offer a number of express services, including fluid checks, tire rotation and tire replacement. We also repair brakes, diagnose engine problems, fix transmissions and much more, and we have a number of coupons on our site that can help you get those repairs for less.

Dodge dealership serving Castroville TX - 2020 Dodge Durango

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Would you like to test-drive any of the latest Dodge vehicles at your local Dodge dealership near Castroville? You can do that as early as today by visiting Ancira Dodge. No appointment required. If you have any questions or want to learn about the latest specials, we encourage you to call us. You can also shop with us online via our website. All of our new and preowned vehicles are listed there, and if you need assistance, we offer it via live chat, text and email. Our team can answer questions, discuss the latest specials, provide personalized quotes, help with auto loan preapproval and much more.

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